Railroad Day

Full Steam Ahead

The Return of the John Molson Locomotive

September 22, 2019

This fall, Exporail celebrates the return of the John Molson steam engine. This 1850 locomotive replica has run at the Museum for over 50 years. Thanks to a generous donation from Molson Coors, we have been able to carry out major restoration work on her, and you will have a chance to see her back on the tracks on September 22nd

John Molson steam engine

                                   Photo : Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum

Within this celebration, Exporail will also present different models of the DeLorean automobile, including a replica of the one starring in Back to the Future III. It will be joining the John Molson locomotive.

DeLorean automobile replica, Back to the Future III

                                                Photo : François Lacombe

The museum is glad to present Forces motrices, une voie, des voix an immersive interdisciplinary experience surrounding the history of railroad workers. It combines storytelling, music, paintwork, vocal and sound work. Charles Acek and Erik West Millette, under Sylvie Teste’s artistic direction, will present a performance in French at 11 a.m. 

Les Escales improbables de Montréal

                               Photo : Les Escales improbables de Montréal

In addition, there will be a rally game allowing the discovery of objects of the museum’s collection. Finally, the public can be photographed in a beautiful railway car dating from 1857.

steampunk fashion

                                  Photo : Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum

To add to the festivities surrounding the John Molson, the public is invited to dress up in steampunk fashion. Everyone who comes in costume will receive a 50% discount on the museum admission fee for the day.