Maritime Railway Number 5 steam locomotive

restoration of Maritime Railway Number 5 steam locomotive

Acquired in 1963, the Maritime Railway Number 5 steam locomotive was originally built for the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad in the United States. 

Later, in 1912, it was operated by contractor EF&GE Fauquier to build the National Transcontinental Railway. 

It was retired from service in Nova Scotia in 196? and donated to Exporail. After partial restoration work in 1965, the uncompleted project was shelved until 2009. 

The restoration was completed in October 2010. There are still some details to tend to, such as installing the number plate and furnishing the cab.

MSR 274 streetcar

MSR 274 streetcar

Montreal Streetcar Railway No. 274  streetcar was the first vehicle acquired and preserved  by the Canadian Railroad Historical Association in 1950 and is  contemporary to MSR 350 ‘Rocket’.

Both were in use when electric railway services were inaugurated in Montréal in September 1892. It served as a passenger streetcar until 1912 when it was converted to a salt car.

After ending its career as a salt car in 1947, this streetcar was very corroded and in a serious state of decay it was restored in 1955 by the CRHA. 

Further major restoration work was undertaken in 2008. The final touches will be completed in April 2012.

MTC 3 streetcar

MTC 3 streetcar

All four “golden chariots” of the Montreal Tramways Company have been preserved. Two of them (Nos. 1 and 3) are kept atExporail. MTC  3 is used for public demonstrations when the weather permits. After all, it does not have a roof! 

In 2005, major mechanical work was undertaken on this vehicle that is highly prized by visitors for its comfort and originality. 

We took advantage of the opportunity to fully repaint the streetcar and replace its benches, railings and equipment. Restoration work was completed in the fall of 2011.