Renewal of the Permanent Exhibition in the Grand Gallery at Exporail

Rail, the Power of Connection

With our society becoming one that is increasingly mobile, the new exhibition reflects current trends and the growing expectations of our visitors.  Our traditional approach of focusing on the interaction of the political, economic and social fabric of our country are shifted to one dealing with today`s key interrelated issues:  ecology, climate change, globalization and the accelerating urbanization of the population, all in the context of new communications technologies and the automation of work. The themes we deal with bring to light the importance of railway passenger transport, movement of freight and commodities, and operational safety, all without neglecting the world of the railway workers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The traditional history-driven approach to exhibitions give way to one which interprets today’s reality and projects visions of the future, but comes back to history to underline the way our predecessors imagined the future, that is to say, our current times.  This allows us to show the direct and sometimes surprising linkage between the 21st Century visitor and the 19th and 20th Century visionaries.

The new not to be missed exhibition add excitement to this retrospective / futuristic view by presenting an extraordinary tableau of exhibits using spectacular lighting effects. There is also an immersive experience for visitors to enjoy in the area between the welcoming desk and the Grand Gallery of the Angus Pavilion at Exporail.

Creating a major exhibition: Behind the scenes

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