Roussillon, Cradle of Canada’s Railways

MRC de Roussillon

Delson Station

Open on Sundays, from June to October         

It was on the heritage land of the MRC de Roussillon that the first public Canadian railway train travelled between La Prairie and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in 1836. Its proximity to Montréal also made it an important trade route.

These railway operations gave rise to a burgeoning economy, kilometres of tracks, some 19 or so train stations or stops and a host of architectural components.

Certain railways, such as the Delaware & Hudson Railroad, also left their name to the City of Delson. Indeed, Delson is the result of a contraction of the syllables making up DELaware and HudSON.

This little known page of history eloquently illustrates the fundamental role that the MRC has played as a railway junction since 1836, a role that represents a crucial link between Canada and the North-Eastern United States.