The Little Railroaders’ Car

Little Railroaders

Due to Covid-19, this activity is removed from the schedule. – CPR No. 3987, a 1913 Canadian Pacific Railway baggage car, has been transformed to welcome children from 3 to 7 years of age!  Now officially renamed the “Little Railroaders’ Car”, this wooden baggage car, usually located at the head of a passenger train, has had its interior redesigned to enable youngsters to learn, through games, how railway workers lived aboard trains. While the original interior has been preserved, areas in the baggage car have been outfitted, thanks to funding from la Caisse Desjardins des Berges de Roussillon, as well as from the ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec.

Inside the baggage car, our younger visitors will have access to three coloured areas, especially designed to enable them to identify a means of transportation and spark their curiosity and imagination.

-“passenger trains”, the blue area, contains several introductory stands. “pack your bags” ticket office,  “ the little rail workers’ challenge! ” dining-car, sleeping car, “ imagine your trip ” felt wall, showcase no.1 “ find the locomotive engineer “.

– “to each his trade!”, blue and green areas, where children can dress up as a station master, cook, railway worker, locomotive engineer, trackman…

– “freight trains”, the green area, will surely get their wheels turning. showcase no. 2 “find the intruder”, funny train, tunnel, covered car, Duo-Ferro memory  game.

The “Little Railroaders’ Car” is open to children with parental supervision.