An Insider’s Look at our Rail Vehicles

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An Insider’s Look at our Rail Vehicles

Exporail now offers a new way to learn about some of the rail vehicles presented in its Grand Gallery. During their visit, the public can now access nine virtual vignettes using a smart phone.

Some of the vignettes deal with the work of railway workers, while others present the physical characteristics of the vehicles or their use. Sometimes demonstrations are inserted into the vignettes to better understand how the devices in the vehicles work. All of this is accompanied by archival documents to put them into their historical context.

The videos are approximately two minutes long. Visitors to the museum will be able to access them via QR codes installed on the vehicle information panels using the Vimeo platform.

The filming and production of the vignettes was carried out by the team at “Productions du 3 juin“. Museum staff and volunteers participated in the research, portrayal and narration. This new virtual activity was produced as part of the program of the “Fonds de relance pour la culture et le tourisme” of the MRC de Roussillon.












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