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An exceptional setting for your commercial photo shoots and your cinematographic creations…

Does your project include a scene with a steam locomotive from the 1900’s, or one of Canada’s first diesel locomotive’s?

Do you need a passenger car, a baggage car or a caboose?

Are you looking for an atmosphere of country scenery with railway tracks and switches, a turn of the century station or even a large brick station?

Chances are Exporail can provide the cars, equipment, accessories, and setting that you are looking for. Just ask!

Exporail technical facilities include:

  • A remarkable collection of vehicles with steam locomotives, including a working replica of an 1848 steam locomotive; diesel locomotives; streetcars dating from 1892 to 1944; passenger cars and cabooses and different freight cars;
  • A 7-track yard with a turntable;
  • Train stations: Barrington station, an authentic 1882 country station, and Hays station, a large rural brick station from the 50s;
  • 55 acres of country scenery where you can recreate the mood of another era or another continent;
  • Almost 6 km (4 miles) of track;
  • And a new pavilion showcasing 44 vehicles.


Every photo shoot and the cinematographic project must be authorized beforehand by Exporail’s Hall and Site Rental Department. Photo shoots and cinematographic projects, as well as student projects, cannot take place at Exporail without authorization.

Please note that fees are applicable and that Exporail reserves the right to refuse projects that are not directly related to its activities or its mission.

By choosing Exporail for your project, you participate in the execution of the mission which is to promote knowledge and understanding of Canada’s railway heritage an important contribution to the past, present, and future development of Canadian Society.

For more information or to plan a technical visit to Exporail’s site, contact us by email or 450 638-1522 ext. 221.

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Filmed at Exporail

Overview of commercial photo shoots and cinematographic creations that took place at Exporail






  • Tv Show Cochon Dingue Le train partie 1 / partie 2
  • Project Saint-Laurent en 7 temps
  • Movie Pied Nus dans l’Aube
  • Movie Migration Dance Company
  • Short film Palissade
  • Sound recording Rapido Train inc.
  • Photo Shoot Addition Elle
  • Reality Show Le Lot du Diable
  • Tv Series Fatale Station
  • Movie Paradigm
  • Tv Show Azimut
  • Documentary Fugitif III


  • Photo Shoot Addition Elle
  • Photo Shoot collection Fusion Automne 2015 de Sports Experts
  • Tv Show Sucré Salé
  • Movie La Chasse-Galerie

2014 :

  • Music Video Olivier Barrette
  • Project Patrimoine Canadien
  • Tv Show Viens-tu faire un tour
  • Tv Show LOL
  • Movie Brooklyn
  • Photo Shoot ADRIA Mode


  • Photo Shoot  Prodanse
  • Photo Shoot  Frank & Oak
  • Photo Shoot Holiday Group
  • Photo Shoot Magazine Signature
  • Documentary Un billet de train pour … Du Saint-Laurent à l’Atlantique



  • Shooting Vidéotron
  • Photo Shoot Magazine La Semaine
  • Movie Titanic, the Canadian Story             
  • Tv Show Légendes Urbaines
  • Tv Show Ils dansent
  • Société de transport de Montréal/
  • Movie The Words
  • Grand Rire 2011
  • Tv Show La Roue de fortune chez vous
  • Photo Shoot Précision

2010 :  

  • Tv Show Écrous & Boulons
  • Music Video Sarah Bourdon
  • Tv Show T’es où Théo?
  • Photo Shoot magazine Moi & Cie
  • Photo Shoot publication Atmosphere
  • Tv Show Toc Toc Toc
  • Tv Show  Sucré Salé
  • Movie Un train pour la Ouiatchouan
  • Photo Shoot magazine Clin d’œil
  • Music Video Je repars de David Usher et Marie-Mai
  • Tv Show l’Épicerie
  • Tv Show  Mémoire de Proulx
  • Tv Show  Musimission


  • Movie Stalled
  • Tv Show Comment c’est fait/How it’s made
  • Photo Shoot l’Aubainerie
  • Movie Sur les traces de Marguerite Yourcenar     
  • Movie Beastly
  • Movie Killer Kids
  • Movie Mars & Avril inc.
  • Music Video Caracol L’Amour
  • Photo Shoot catalogue de Québec Loisirs        


  • Tv Series Aveux
  • Reality Show Loft Story V               
  • Movie Walk through Atlanta History
  • Photo Shoot Elegant Wedding             
  • Photo Shoot Magazine Cool
  • Photo Shoot album groupe Blue Seeds


  • Documentary Félix Leclerc
  • Movie Voices
  • Photo Shoot l’Aubainerie 
  • Tv Series The Dead Zone 5


  • Music Video Vol de Nuit de Florence K
  • Documentary sur le débarquement allemand au Canada
  • Movie Publicité de verre optique 
  • Photo Shoot catalogue printemps d’Antropologie
  • Educational Series La Quête
  • Tv Show Sucré Salé       


  • Tv Show jeunesse La grosse minute
  • Photo Shoot Elle Québec
  • Movie The Fourth Life
  • Movie Maurice Richard




  • Documentary Amazing Places
  • Movie Les Secrets des grands cours d’eau              
  • Tv Show Bouledogue Bazar





  • Tv Series Lassie II 
  • Les Champs Élysés
  • Tv Show The Grand Tour
  • Tv Series Diva
  • Movie Random Encounter
  • Tv Series Ribbons of Steel
  • Tv Show Biobulle
  • Tv Series Le Polock


  • Movie Ces enfants d’ailleurs
  • Movie The Best Bad Thing
  • Movie Call of the Wild
  • Documentary Le Fantôme du Forum



  • Movie C’était le 12 du 12 et Chili avait les blues
  • Tv Show Second Regard – Le langage des Cloches
  • Movie Zelda
  • Tv Series Blanche
  • Tv Show Le Club des 100 Watts


  • Music Video de Bruce Huard
  • Tv Series Au nom du père et du fils
  • Movie Ma sœur, mon amour
  • Photo Shoot Carrefour Angrignon
  • Tv Show Le Club des 100 Watts


  • Movie Madame La Bolduc
  • Tv Show Vie en Couleur
  • Movie Grand Larceny


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