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Discovering the universe behind the museum: the CRHA.



The CRHA is recognized as the pre-eminent source of knowledge and interpretation of Canadian railway history, and achieves this through the excellence of its research, conservation, museological, educational, archival, and publication activities.



The Canadian Railroad Historical Association is a volunteer non-profit charitable organization, founded in 1932 and incorporated in 1941.

The CRHA encourages and facilitates research and interpretation of Canadian railway history. It publishes and promotes its work for the benefit of historians and other interested people.



There are many Divisions of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) across Canada, each organizing its own meetings, projects and activities.

Many of them have their own publications covering railway news and related activities in their own area.


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Over the course of the past eighty years, the Canadian Railroad Historical Association has collected and preserved extremely rare railway objects that testify to the major role that railroads played in our country’s development.

Archives Centre

The archives acquires physical and virtual media relating to Canadian railway history, conserves these for posterity, and promotes their use by making them known and accessible to students, historians, researchers, journalists, and other interested people.

Canadian rail

It includes historical articles, essays and photo stories of Canada’s national, regional or urban railways, as well as various texts showcasing railway vehicles.

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