Exporail 360°

Visiting the museum online as a group is now possible with Exporail 360°

Come aboard Exporail 360°

Exporail offers primary school students a new way to discover the fascinating world of trains. Accompanied by a museum guide, take a virtual tour of the Grand Gallery from your classroom.

The visits are intended for the different cycles of primary school. The 50-minute tours explore the interiors of selected vehicles and students learn about the history, technology and people associated with railways in Canada. Our guide will interact with the students and answer their questions during the activity.

Video conference presentations are available via Zoom or Microsoft Teams platforms. Exporail is listed in the Répertoire culture-éducation and the cost of the visits for Quebec schools can be covered by the Ministry of Education’s Culture in the Schools program. The cost for each virtual visit is $150 per class.

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Quebec within the framework of the digital development agreement for tourism businesses in the Tourisme Montérégie region, as well as the help of a generous donor.

For reservations, contact us at 450 638-1522, ext. 231 or education@exporail.org.

1st cycle of primary school

Travelling on the Rails The tour introduces students to some science and technology concepts by observing the transformation of water into steam. After exploring a steam locomotive, a passenger car, and a caboose, students imagine which one they would like to travel in.Fee: $150 (plus taxes) per class, maximum of 30 children.

2nd cycle of primary school

Train Energy

Through the presentation of different railway vehicles, students will observe and compare their particularities. They will enrich their understanding of change and see the forms of energy used to transport passengers and freight on the rails.

Fee: $150 (plus taxes) per class, maximum of 30 children.

3rd cycle of primary school

A Train’s Rhythm

Railway history is at the heart of the development of the Canadian federation. With the help of a timeline, students discover different vehicles that allow them to address subjects such as technological innovations, settlement of the territory, industrialization, and urbanization.

Fee: $150 (plus taxes) per class, maximum of 30 children.

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