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How to support the foundation?

There are many ways to support the CRHA in its mission of preserving railroad heritage and Exporail in its mission of education and outreach. Learn more in this section.

Make a donation

An annual fundraising campaign is organized and features a host of activities, in partnership with long-standing partners, members of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) and their social networks as well as the Friends of the Museum.


Volunteers have formed an integral part of Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum since its inception in 1961. Today, more than 130 men and women volunteer their time to make a contribution to Exporail’s operations. Exporail’s volunteers are faithful allies and help carry out its mission.

CRHA foundation

The CRHA is recognized as the pre-eminent source of knowledge and interpretation of Canadian railway history, and achieves this through the excellence of its research, conservation, museological, educational, archival, and publication activities.


Exporail would like to thank its partners for their financial support of its development.

Campaigns and events

EXPORAIL’s 60th anniversary rolling stock restoration campaign.

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