Virtual Exporail

Visit Exporail virtually, it's possible! The Exporail museum as you have never visited it.

Virtual tours

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In order to make the exhibition more accessible, the Exporail team has decided to offer you live virtual tours to ask your questions to your online guide. These visits will also be visible on a delayed basis for your greater pleasure.

An Insider’s Look at our Rail Vehicles

Exporail is offering a new way to learn more about some of the railway vehicles presented in its Grand Gallery. During the visit, the public can now access one of the nine virtual capsules using a smartphone...

Some of the vignettes deal with the work of railway workers, while others present the physical characteristics of the vehicles or their use. Sometimes demonstrations are inserted into the vignettes to better understand how the devices in the vehicles work. All of this is accompanied by archival documents to put them into their historical context.

Creating a Major Exhibition: Behind the Scenes

Our new permanent exhibition responds to the public's expectations regarding the current issues of our society, which is, more than ever, a society in motion.

Welcome to Behind the Scenes of a Major Exhibition to view the documentary in vf with English subtitles, see interviews with our team and our capsule on rail travel: impressive to see!

Sandford Fleming, knight of time

Sandford Fleming, knight of time. Exporail and the Virtual Museum of Canada present an exhibition that takes a look at the rise of industrialization and the glorious era of the railroad in Canada through the life of this remarkable character.

This exhibition is intended for all audiences. A surveyor and civil engineer, Standford Fleming was a strong advocate of three major projects: the construction of the Canadian Pacific transcontinental railroad, the establishment of a communication cable between Australia and Canada, and the adoption of a universal system of time zones.

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