Making tracks together!

Educational visit

Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, welcomes visit and groups throughout the year and provides children with a unique opportunity to relive the history of this major collection of full-size railway vehicles.

The visits help children develop their knowledge in the social universe field (history and geography) and allow them to learn more about:

  • Trains and streetcars as means of transporting freight and passengers in our society
  • The repercussions of these means of transportation on Québec society and the founding of Canada
  • Their impact on the arrival of new immigrants and community development
  • Railway workers and main founders of Canada’s railway system

Tailored tours

Exporail also offers tailored tours for preschool children (discovering the train), childcare centres as well as daycare centres (children aged 3 years and up). In December, take advantage of our Railway Christmas activities!

All tours are given by experienced, skilled and dynamic guides. Reserve your visit to Canada’s largest railway museum and give your students the unique opportunity to live an unforgettable experience.

Adding rides to your tour

  • From the end of May to end of October: A streetcar ride
  • From March to the end of December: A miniature train ride
  • All rides may be cancelled at any time and without prior notice due to storms or mechanical problems.  Should this be the case, additional activities will be added to your itinerary to compensate for the cancellation of the rides.

Useful Information

  • Cold lunches only (just one microwave).
  • Personnel from the daycare, school or childcare service are responsible for the children during the lunch hour.
  • Visits are tailored to the children’s ages and are offered in English and French.
  • The visit will take place, rain or shine.

Information and reservations:

Maurice Binette: 450 638-1522, ext. 231