Board of Directors

Members across Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Board of Directors

The Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) is Canada’s oldest railway enthusiast organization, founded in 1932, and incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 1941.  It has members across Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Volunteer CRHA members comprise the Board of Directors which is responsible to the members for the operation of the Association. An Executive Committee and other committees manage the Association in concert with the professional staff.


President Robert Robinson
Vice-president Daniel Laurendeau
Vice-president Peter M. Murphy
Secretary James Bouchard
Treasurer Robert Nantel
Executive Director Nadine Cloutier
Representative – Eastern Divisions Ron Grant
Representative – Central Divisions Andrew Panko
Representative – Western Divisions Bill Walker
Member – Director Howard Davidson
Member – Director Fiona Murray
Member – Director François Hébert
Member – Director C. Stephen Cheasley
President, CRHA Foundation
Member – Director François Gaudette
Member – Director Linda Schwey
Member – Director Doug Bellevue
City of Saint-Constant Natalia Zuluaga
City of de Delson Marcelina Jugureanu

Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee are : Robert Robinson, C. Stephen Cheasley, Howard Davidson, Robert Nantel, James Bouchard and Nadine Cloutier.

Collection Committee

Daniel Laurendeau is President of the Collection Committee.

Membership Committee (including Canadian Rail)

Peter Murphy is President of the Membership Committee of CRHA.

Audit Committee

Howard Davidson is President of the Audit Committee.

Awards Committee

Linda Schwey is President of the Awards Committee

Fundraising Committee

C. Stephen Cheasley  is President of the Fundraising Committee

You can reach the Board of Directors by eMail or contact Jacqueline Chiasson by phone at 450 638-1522, extension 247.

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