Fundraising Campaign

EXPORAIL’s 60th anniversary rolling stock restoration campaign

Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum celebrates its 60th birthday in 2021!

To mark this 60th anniversary, the Canadian Railroad Historical Association, the non-profit association, which owns Exporail, has decided to restore three vehicles from its collection to exhibit-quality condition. We are launching a campaign seeking $180,000 in donations from members and friends for this project.

To date nearly $165,000 has been raised or committed by members and friends of Exporail towards the goal of $180,000. Thank you all for your support.

We are asking you, as a friend of Exporail, to contribute to this campaign and help us reach our goal. Donations of $25.00 or more will receive an income tax receipt. Thank you for your generosity.

The first vehicle to be restored is scenic dome-observation-lounge car Sibley Park.

The second vehicle to be restored will be a CN vehicle chosen from the CRHA’s collection by the Board of Directors, thanks to CN’s donation.

The third vehicle to be restored will be chosen by the donors to this campaign.

The CRHA has an expert panel reviewing our entire rolling stock collection in detail now, and we expect a report from them in early fall 2021. Three pieces, as candidates for restoration, will be selected by the CRHA Board of Directors based on the findings of this panel, and donors will vote on which of the three gets the go-ahead.

Each donor will get one vote for each $50 donated ($500 donation = 10 votes, etc.) and early donors who qualify for the match will get double votes. Voting will take place once the three candidates for restoration have been identified and the campaign has reached its monetary goal. Please include your contact details with your donation so we will be able to include you in the voting.

We will recognize major donors by listing their names on plaques, which will be attached to the finished vehicle. There will be three plaques: Hostler ($1,000-1,499), Engineer ($1,500-1999) and Superintendent ($2,000 or more). The first two will be displayed for at least 5 years, and the Superintendent plaque will be permanent.

A cheque to the CRHA maximizes the benefit of your gift, but you can also donate conveniently on line using your credit card through the Canada Helps website, although Canada Helps charges us 3,5% for the service.

(By Mail: CRHA – 110Saint-Pierre Street, Saint-Constant, Quebec, J5A1G7)